A whopping 193.8% increase in YouTube Likes after BXSportsJedi switched to Opus

Rebecca Xu
Product Marketing Manager at Opus
November 10, 2023
5 minites

Opus usage results

One month after switching from StreamYard to Opus


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"I want something completely new to stand out from other creators using StreamYard. Opus looks phenomenal. We are going to have a lot of fun things here in 2023 with Opus."

BXSportsJedi Introduction

Kevin Cruz - the brain behind BXSportsJedi, is a New York based sports creator who hosts regular watch-alongs and live shows. He talks about all NYC based sports and boxing/MMA.

Kevin always wants to be at the cutting edge of technology, as he thinks it is the key to differentiating his channel.

Key Challenges

For BXSportsJedi, engagement and growth are two of the most important things for him. But as StreamYard does not have engagement features, he was not able to effectively engage and grow his community. He said that his engagement is insane, but his channels are still very small in terms of subscribers, so he wants to find ways to grow, and get more viewers to convert into lasting subscribers/return viewers.


As a truly trailblazing creator passionate about new technology, BXSports uses Opus to help him produce more professional shows and better engage with his audience. Here are some of the features that he used:

  • Magic Meme: BXSportJedi uses AI-powered Magic Meme as a nice surprise to entertain his audiences. Whenever he mentions his customized trigger words, relevant memes will show up on the screen as a fun visual amplifier of his messages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oglM8sIx84
  • MP4 background: BXSportsJedi uses a moving background to make his show look more appealing and on-brand. This is thanks to Opus' design flexibilities, where creators can upload their favorite mp4/gifs as background, and resize and reposition overlays however they like.  
  • Emoj Rain and 3D layout: BXSportsJedi uses Emoji Rain to entertain his audiences, and chooses Opus' unique 3D layout to level up his show quality to TV production level.


Just one month after using Opus, BX Sports Jedi's YouTube average Likes increased by a whopping 193.8% after using Opus for a month, and his average comments rate and views increased by 53.6% and 30.7% respectively.

If you like BXSportsJedi, you can follow him at:

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