See how Emoji Rain and Magic Poll increased DJCoffman's YouTube comment rate by 53.6%

Nuoya Li
Product Marketing Manager at Opus
November 10, 2023
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DJCoffman Introduction

Draw or Die is a lifestyle brand for visual storytellers of all-kinds and experience levels. D.J. Coffman, the creator of this channel, has over 25 years experience in visual storytelling, from comics to  illustration. In his livestream, DJ shares his drawing technique and also encourages his audience to express themselves through art. As a creative storyteller, DJ is always on the look for innovative ways to tell stories and engage his audience.

Key Challenges

During our conversation, DJ mentioned to us that one of the major challenges of doing art livestream is engaging the audience. During his live shows, he focuses on his drawing most of the time, and it's hard to engage with his audience and see their reactions.


DJCoffman leveraged several engagement features to interact with his community.

  • Emoji Rain:  DJCoffman uses Emoji Rain in almost every live show to give his audience a nice surprise. As he said, "Before I started the stream, I was having a really bad week. 65 of my colleagues in North America were let go at my day job, and it's been a heavy mood. I almost skipped making content this week. But I found myself in a much better mood after that fun feature (Emoji Rain)."
  • Magic Poll: It's obvious that DJCoffman instantly dug Magic Poll and planes the poll into his amazing content strategically. And his willingness to try out new things and his strategic planning paid off. Whenever he uses Magic Poll, the fun level and comment rate increase a lot!


Just one month after using Opus, DJCoffman's YouTube average comments increased by 53.6% after using Opus for a month, and his average views and likes increased by 30.7% and 15.4% respectively.

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