Fully on-brand livestreams in a breeze

Opus has everything you need to create a branded experience. We mean it.

Opus makes on-branded livestreams a no-brainer

You can use our built-in banners, tickers and info boxes to highlight content, easily upload custom branding assets like logos/CTAs, and change your brand color in one click.

Flexible layouts and overlays

You can find dozens of layouts (even 3D layout!), and resize and reposition overlays however you like to. This level of design freedom and customization make your shows unmistakably yours.

Upload an MP4 as background to increase views

With Opus, you can upload an image, GIF, or even a video as livestream background. The animated background makes your audiences stay longer and your brand stands out more.

How to use brand kits

1. Use banners and overlays
Click "Banners" and "Overlays" on the right sidebar to select/upload assets.
2. Change layout
Click "Layout" on the control panel, and change the number of speakers/media to change layout.
3. Brand color & background
Click "Design" on the right sidebar to change brand color and select/upload background.

Frequently asked questions

How can I upload my own logo and assets?

You can upload your own logo and assets in the overlay tab. Simply by clicking "Overlays" on the right sidebar, and "Upload" to upload your own assets. We are also integrated with GIPHY. You can click "Giphy" and drop a GIPHY link in the box. We will automatically fetch the meme and populate it in the Overlays tab.

What is the size limit on background?

Our recommended size for background image:

  • 1920×1080px for Landscape

  • 1125×2436px for Portrait

Formats: Image, video, and gif.
Max file size: 20MB.

What is the size limit for overlays and
what kind of files can I upload?

We support JPG, PNG, GIF, MOV, MP4 as overlays. The maximum file size for overlays is 50MB

Can I put banners and overlays anywhere I want on screen?

Yes! You can resize and reposition banners and overlays to personalize your studio.

How do I toggle off my nametag?

You can turn off your nametag by clicking "Profile" on the right sidebar.- "Nametag" - Toggle off nametag.

Opus has a lot more magical features

Opus is the only live streaming software proven to grow your livestreams by 20%+
Emoji Rain (AI)
True engagement booster that collects emojis from the chatbox and makes them fall from the top of your screen.
Magic Poll (AI)
AI-powered poll generator that allows you to easily create a poll in one click.
Magic Meme (AI)
Our AI will automatically turn your spoken words into corresponding memes to spice up your live streams.
Video Comment (AI)
You can ask your audience to easily record a short video comment, and you can play it on-screen during your live streams.
Comment Assistant (AI)
Our AI automatically highlights valuable comments like super chats, and brings them on screen for you to engage with.
Real-Time Promotion
Easily create a real-time promotional short video clip while you are live, and post it to your socials. All with just two clicks.
Local recording
You can download high quality recordings of each individual video and audio track, and edit them together.
Preset scenes
You can set up multiple scenes just like OBS, and change scenes in one click. Perfect for remote production.
Layout & overlays
Full freedom to resize&reposition overlays + dozens of layouts available. You can even upload a video as background.

The numbers speak for themselves

One month after switching from StreamYard to Opus
BX Sports Jedi Network
Sports creator
“Opus took my shows to another level. You should consider giving it a try for your video podcast and more. ”
Average Likes
Average Comments
Average Views
Draw or Die Co.
Visual storyteller
“The Emoji Rain brought me a lot of joy. Looking forward to using Opus more. Love companies that build great things for creators.”
Average Likes
Average Comments
Average Views
Film/TV reviewer
“We are loving this new platform. It's way better than StreamYard. I look forward to working with Opus to make this an even better platform.”
Average Views
Average Comments
High View

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