High quality
local recording
in one click

You can easily download isolated audio and video for content repurposing.

Studio-quality recording even on weak connection

Local recording, or ISO recording, allows you to download audio and video recordings of each host and guest in super high quality, regardless of your internet connection.

Perfect for live video podcast

Podcasters who are making video podcasts can easily repurpose the isolated audio and video into Joe Rogan style video podcast and gain more traffic.

Make post editing and repurposing a breeze

You can easily download high-quality audio and video and repurpose them into short videos, podcasts, long videos, and more. It significantly improves the quality for your post-production editing.

How to use local recording

1. Turn on Local Recording
When click "Go Live Now", you will first see a popup window. Turn on "Local recording".
2. Wait to upload recordings
When livestream ends, all participants should remain in the studio until their recordings are finished uploading
3. Download local recordings
Download recordings from the “Recording” tab on the right sidebar, or from the videos section on dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

What is local recording, and how does it work?

Local recording allows you to capture and save a copy of your livestream as it's happening. With local recording, you can record your camera and screenshare, and download the recording file (in MP4 format with audio) after your streaming session ends. Each participant's camera and screenshare will be recorded if they're on the screen and are unmuted.
To use local recording, simply enable the feature before going live, and make sure all participants stay in the studio until their recordings have been uploaded.

How do I enable local recording, and can I record without going live?

After you click the "Go live now" button to start your streaming session, a popup dialog will appear. Simply toggle on the local recording feature in the dialog, and then click the "Go live" button to begin your session. Note that currently local recording won't work without an active livestream, and you won't be able to record offline or beforehand.

What if I have a poor network connection?
Will local recording still work?

Yes! Local recording is not affected by poor network connections since the recording is saved locally to your browser before being uploaded to the cloud. However, you still need a stable network connection for streaming to work correctly. Therefore, we advise you to disable local recording if your network connection is challenging to ensure the quality of livestream.

Will local recordings take up storage space on my computer?

Local recordings will be temporarily stored on your browser before being uploaded to the cloud. Once the recordings are uploaded, the local files will be deleted automatically. However, while the recordings are being stored locally, they will take up space on your computer's hard drive.

Can I download the mixed local video file, or just the audio file?

You can choose to download either the mixed video and audio file (in MP4 format) or the audio file (in WAV format) separately.

What if my guest accidentally leaves before
the upload is complete?

If a guest leaves before their local recording is uploaded, they can return to app.opus.pro/upload/your-studio-id (replace "your-studio-id" with your actual studio ID) to upload their recording later.
Important Notice: Please do not open multiple tabs of our uploading page at the same time. This may cause a race condition, resulting in unexpected errors or data loss.

What are some common reasons for local recording
upload not working?

Make sure you enable the feature before going live, and ask all participants to stay in the studio after live until their recordings have been uploaded. Also note that this feature doesn't work or work well when livestream sessions are greater than 2 hours.

How do I access and download my recorded files?

After your streaming session ends, the local recording files will be uploaded to the cloud. To access and download them, you can either:

  • Click the "View recordings" button in the recording panel to go to the recording download page, where you can select the recording you want to download.

  • Go to the videos section on your dashboard, and select the livestream session the recordings correspond to. Then, you will be directed to the recording download page.

On the recording download page, you can choose to download the mixed video and audio file (in MP4 format) or the audio file (in WAV format) separately. Simply click the download button next to the file format you want, and the file will be downloaded to your computer.

Does the extra camera angle have its own recording?

Yes! Opus will record a separate video and audio file of all video feeds.

Why can't I open the downloaded files with Quicktime player?

QuickTime player has some compatibility issues with certain video file formats. It's not very compatible with our recording files. We recommend trying a different video player.

Opus has a lot more magical features

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Emoji Rain (AI)
True engagement booster that collects emojis from the chatbox and makes them fall from the top of your screen.
Magic Poll (AI)
AI-powered poll generator that allows you to easily create a poll in one click.
Magic Meme (AI)
Our AI will automatically turn your spoken words into corresponding memes to spice up your live streams.
Video Comment (AI)
You can ask your audience to easily record a short video comment, and you can play it on-screen during your live streams.
Comment Assistant (AI)
Our AI automatically highlights valuable comments like super chats, and brings them on screen for you to engage with.
Real-Time Promotion
Easily create a real-time promotional short video clip while you are live, and post it to your socials. All with just two clicks.
Local recording
You can download high quality recordings of each individual video and audio track, and edit them together.
Preset scenes
You can set up multiple scenes just like OBS, and change scenes in one click. Perfect for remote production.
Layout & overlays
Full freedom to resize&reposition overlays + dozens of layouts available. You can even upload a video as background.

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