Maximize livestream interaction with Video Comment

Your audience can easily record a short
video that you can play on-screen and interact with.

Make it OUR show, not MY show

Video Comment is the best way to engage with and acknowledge your audience. It can truly make your audience part of your show.

The sky is the limit for how you can use Video Comment

There are so many things you can do with Video Comment: Host an AMA, give a nice little surprise to your guest speaker, record a funny video yourself and surprise your audience. Possibilities are endless!

Grow and monetize your channel

You can make Video Comment an exclusive perk for your VIP subscribers where they can closely interact with you. This can be a nice way to increase your paid subscribers :)

How to use Video Comment

1. Create a prompt
Click Comments - Video Comments - Settings to create a talking prompt. Share the link in your community, and put the QR code on screen during live.
2. Viewers record short videos
Encourage your audience to click the link or scan the QR code. They will be directed to a webpage where they can record a short video up to 60s.
3. Show videos on-screen
All video comments will appear in the "Video Comment" tab and are fully transcribed. You can bring one on screen to interact with it.

Frequently asked questions

What is Video Comment?

Video Comment is our upgrade on the traditional text comment. Your audience can easily record a short video like TikTok, and send it to you before or during your live event. You can bring those short clips on screen to interact with during live.

Where can I find Video Comment?

You can find Video Comment inside the Comments tab. Simply click "Comments", and then click the "Video Comment" icon.

How do I utilize the link and QR code?

We recommend you to send the link to your community before the start of your live show, so that your audiences have enough time to record the video. During your show, you can put the QR code on stage, and share the link in the chat box, so that your audience can scan the QR code or click the link to record a video.

Does my audience need to download an app to
record a video comment?

Nope! When your audience scans the QR code or clicks the link, they will be directed to a webpage where they can easily record a short video.

Will the video comment automatically block malicious content?

We are working to add more content moderation tactics! But now, all the video comments are transcribed, so you can see what the video is about and make sure there is no profanities before making it on stage.

Opus has a lot more magical features

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Magic Poll (AI)
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Magic Meme (AI)
Our AI will automatically turn your spoken words into corresponding memes to spice up your live streams.
Video Comment (AI)
You can ask your audience to easily record a short video comment, and you can play it on-screen during your live streams.
Comment Assistant (AI)
Our AI automatically highlights valuable comments like super chats, and brings them on screen for you to engage with.
Real-Time Promotion
Easily create a real-time promotional short video clip while you are live, and post it to your socials. All with just two clicks.
Local recording
You can download high quality recordings of each individual video and audio track, and edit them together.
Preset scenes
You can set up multiple scenes just like OBS, and change scenes in one click. Perfect for remote production.
Layout & overlays
Full freedom to resize&reposition overlays + dozens of layouts available. You can even upload a video as background.

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