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What creators are saying

This tool is off the chain! I just got my most viewed video on TikTok in 6 hours in a niche which doesn't usually get a lot of views. And I am gaining a new follower every 30 seconds.

TikTok creator

I've spent THOUSANDS of dollars hiring various teams to cut together TikToks and Shorts for me and none of them have been as consistently useful as OPUS. For real.

Creator agency

Say goodbye to the struggle of creating short form videos for platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Rails, because Opus Clip has got you covered.

Ash Boarland
Marketing coach

This is a bit wild. Fed a recent video into Opus Clip, and it made this. Successfully grabbed a section of news, reframed to my face, and made a clip that’s really solid. Crazy!

Game developer

We just discovered @OpusClip and honestly I was blown away! It takes long form video and finds the best short-form clips (It created 10+ from a 20minute video with headlines & sub-titles and it took it 10 minutes to do)

Ev Chapman

I am a video editor for a high cadence marketing company and this tool will help us create faster and more effective short content. you are doing the Lords work on taken my time off my hands!

Video editor

This AI app edits videos FOR you! @OpusClip edits earned 100,000 views without me lifting a finger!

Busy Works Beats

started my yt channel tuesday and im already at 20k views, only posted shorts from opus

YouTube creator

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By submitting your application, you are acknowledging and accepting the Opus Clip affiliate terms

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Got questions?

How often are payouts made?

You will automatically get paid on the 15th of each month. It may take a few days to process the payment, so please give it 3-5 days to see the funds hit your account.
We pay out affiliate commissions in USD directly to your Paypal account. Therefore, in order to receive a payout for your referrals, you must have an active PayPal account.
The commissions are recurring. You'll keep getting paid as long as the person you refer remains subscribed.
Referrals cannot be generated on your own purchases (this includes using a different email address).

How to track the referred signup?

You can log into your affiliate account to track your referrals. As long as you’ve used your unique referral URL correctly, the data you see in your dashboard will be accurate.

Who can join as an affiliate?

We welcome every creator to apply for our affiliate program. We will review each application, and if we think you are a good fit, we will reach out to you:)

Is there a minimum number of sign-ups required to participate?

If your link isn’t generating traffic within the first 6 months, we’ll deactivate the account so that we can make room for other active participants in the program. In order to remain an active affiliate, you should plan to make Opus Clip promotions a regular part of your editorial calendar:)

Is there a minimum fee that I need to reach to get paid?

To receive your first commission, you need to earn a minimum of 20 USD commission. Once you've reached this threshold, we'll pay you on each billing cycle (15th of each month), as long as your earnings remain above 20 USD.
We reserve the right to increase the minimum threshold in the future.

Can I advertise using my affiliate link?

You may not use your affiliate link in any paid media. This includes search engine ads, Facebook ads, or anything similar that would compete with Opus Clip’s marketing and cause confusion for potential customers.
Abuse, gaming, and policy violations will result in having your account banned and any existing and future commissions forfeited.

What are your terms and conditions?

You can click here to review our terms and conditions. You will also be asked to read and agree to our terms and conditions when you sign up for the program.

I have more questions!

Please email us at contact@opus.pro if you have more questions about our affiliate program.