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How does Opus Clip work?

Opus Clip is a generative AI video repurposing tool that turns your long videos into viral short videos. We use the most advanced AI to analyze and pick the gold nuggets from different parts of your video, and seamlessly rearrange them into viral short clips that stand on their own.

It is miraculously simple to use even though the technology behind it is super sophisticated:
  • There's a ton of really complicated AI stuff going under the hood that might make your head spin.
  • We've machine-learned all the sweetest tricks of short video editing at every turn by collaborating with top-notch video editors.
  • Ultimately we're only serving up the dopest results straight to you with no fuss.

Analyze your video to make data-driven repurposing decisions

As a first step, Opus Clip leverages big data to analyze your video content in relation to the latest social and marketing trends from major platforms, and generates a comprehensive understanding of your video for a data-driven decision on content repurposing.


Curate the gold nuggets from your lengthy content by ChatGPT

Opus Clip then clips your long videos and makes sure that each curated clip has a killer intro that hooks your viewers in the first 3-5 seconds. We then cut out all the boring parts, rearrange clips when necessary, and ensure that the short video is coherent and attention-grabbing, and ends with a strong call-to-action.Everything is accomplished using the same cutting-edge AI technology that powers ChatGPT, which you may have already experienced its awesomeness, plus thousands of hours of in-house fine-tuning to better elevate its intelligence in our use case.


Make it look fly with state-of-the-art smart touches

Once we've picked out the best clips, we polish the short videos to make them look on par with the viral clips made by the editing team of Alex Hormozi. Specifically:

  • We don't just add captions; we jazz them up with cool animated emojis and highlighted keywords.
  • We don't just crop the video to fit the phone screen; we make sure the speaker is always center in focus.
  • We don't just clip out a continuous part of your video; we find gold nuggets from different parts of your video and seamlessly combine them into a coherent short video.
  • And we don't just sew the cuts together like most products do; we buff out imperfections and smooth the transition, so your video looks slick and exquisite.
We are also constantly rolling out new fancy templates and brand kits that you may find your favorite idol creators are using!

Get the party started by going viral on all platforms!

When all of the above is done (with just one click!!), you will see the final results. You can share the short clips on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and more. Then, just chillax and watch your numbers skyrocket!
With Opus Clip, the days of laborious manual video editing are over, and the possibilities for effortlessly creating 5x more clips and growing 10x more traction are at present.

Coming Soon

Always stay ahead with the curve in the ever-evolving world of content

Coming soon, we are about to reveal our stunning intelligence engine backed by a chain of AI algorithms. Our technology can expertly guide you in selecting the most promising topics to produce based on the evolving trends of various platforms. We will also assist you in crafting trendy, platform-specific posts, ensuring your content always stands out from the crowd!

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