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Unleash Creativity and Authenticity with AI


When Creativity was Throttled

As the TikTok wave started to sweep the globe, Young established a talent agency by revealing hidden gems and propelling them to worldwide recognition. Rapidly, the agency became Asia's top in its field.

Despite the success, Young faced a tough challenge: the painstaking process of condensing and editing hours of raw footage into captivating one-minute clips for millions of aspiring creators.

Imagining a world where creators could concentrate on their passion without tedious tasks, Young, joined by old friends Jay and Grace, embraced AI's potential. Witnessing the rise of ChatGPT and the approach of AGI, the trio realized that AI had reached a crucial turning point—signaling the dawn of a new era of video content creation.

New Era

AI married with Creativity and Authenticity

We are ardent believers in the power of artificial intelligence: AI serves to liberate creativity by unlocking the unprecedented potential of humanity, especially in the age of short videos.

Furthermore, we also want to fight against the potential risk of the world being monopolized by artificial and homogeneous content. We believe that humans can present more authencity in their works with the help of AI.

In 2022, we founded Opus with the mission to democratize video content creation, making it accessible to anyone with a story to tell or a passion to share—not just those with expertise in video editing. We know that a minute spent on editing means a minute closer to the burnout, so we created the Opus Clip copilot to free your creativity and authenticity.

Now, we're eager to put the superpower in your hands and see you make everyone's heart sing. If you want to learn more about how it works, we are happy to unfold the myth.


Our Team & Investors

Along with the three cofounders, the founding members of Opus came from TikTok, LinkedIn and Airbnb. We've received the best support and funding from Lightspeed, DCM and other investors who share the same vision with us.

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