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Virality score
Our AI scores your clips by potential virality, based on our analysis of 1000s of viral videos.
Brand templates, custom emojis, and more to make your clips tailored to you.
Autopost to TikTok
Post faster and grow faster with our autoposting feature. Currently for TikTok (YouTube Shorts & IG Reels coming soon).
AI Copilot
Advanced AI curation by specific timeframe, clip length preference, topics, and more.

Pricing that’s affordable for all

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Thanks to our close partnership with OpenAI, Opus Clip is able to offer our users some of the cheapest per-minute pricing on the market.

Opus Clip paid version
$0.08 / minute

Video processing cost when buying an annual plan with 200 minutes /mo

paid version
$ /minute*
Opus Clip paid version
$0.08 / minute

Video processing cost when buying an annual plan with 200 minutes /mo

Start making clips now from over 85 countries

Opus Clip is publicly available for over 85 supported countries across the globe. And thanks to our model's fine-tuned efficiency gained from processing over 1 million videos, you can get your clips fast. Start clipping with AI today.

Got questions?

How does the Opus Clip work?

Opus Clip leverages big data to analyze your video content in relation to the latest social and marketing trends from major platforms, and generates a comprehensive understanding of your video for a data-driven decision on content repurposing. It then picks the highlighting moments of your long video, rearranges them into a viral-worthy short and polishes it with dynamic captions, AI-relayout, smooth transition to ensure that the clip is coherent and attention-grabbing, and ends with a strong call-to-action. Learn more

What types of videos can I upload?

Our algorithm works the best for talking videos, as we rely on words for AI curation.Types of videos that perform well with Opus Clip include: video podcasts, educational videos, commentary videos, product reviews, motivational speeches, etc.

Which languages are supported?

We support English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish. More to come.

Can I add captions?

Absolutely! In fact, Opus Clip automatically adds captions for you with over 97% accuracy! You can change text and edit it freely.

Is Opus Clip free to use?

1. Limited time offer: Opus Clip currently offers a free trial of 90 minutes video upload (with up to 30 downloadable clips), and a monthly free plan of 60 minutes video upload with limited feature access and watermarks on your clips.
2. We offer paid subscription plans with flexible upload credits, available on both a monthly and yearly basis. Please check out further details here.

I have more questions!

Please join our Discord or email us at if you need help or have any questions or advice for us.