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🎉 OpusClip is the Best in Show winner at SXSW Pitch 2024 🥳 Read more
Introducing OpusClip Pro Plan! Same price, more features, plus 50% more credits 🎉 Read more
Welcome Social Media Marketers! Sign up and claim your free month of OpusClip Pro here
OpusClip 3.0 is here! AI b-roll generator, create 3-15min clips, viral caption templates & more. Read more
🎉 OpusClip is the Best in Show winner at SXSW Pitch 2024 🥳 Read more
Add Captions for LinkedIn

Add Captions for LinkedIn

With OpusClip, you can add captions for Linkedin.  You just made a viral-worthy video to share with your audience, now you can elevate your video content with our caption generator. When you add captions for LinkedIn videos, you enhance viewer experiences and improve accessibility so you can reach a larger audience. Adding captions ensures everyone can enjoy your LinkedIn video clips. Our cutting edge AIdocs-powered tools seamlessly integrate captions into your video so that your content is optimized for a broader audience and your content comprehension surpasses your competitors.

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Currently, we support videos in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and other 20 more languages.

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Why You Should Choose to Add Captions for LinkedIn Video Content

You have access to numerous options for adding captions to videos, why should you select to use OpusClip’s caption generator tool?

Accuracy Backed by Advanced AI

OpusClip’s  AI-powered caption generating technology ensures accurate subtitle creation. Accurate captions on your LinkedIn videos improves the user experience and makes your clips more engaging and accessible. This is helpful for individuals with hearing impairments and for today’s workforce that largely works in public spaces..

Reach a Global Audience

OpusClip’s caption generator breaks through language barriers by offering support in different languages, empowering you to connect with a broader world-wide audience that visits LinkedIn daily. When you add captions for LinkedIn videos, it expands your reach and impact across demographics with diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Attention-Grabbing Content

AI-generated captions relevant to your video content helps retain your viewers’ attention, and keeps them engaged. Viewer retention makes your videos more widely viewed, content better understood, and more appealing to a broader audience.

Demonstrates A Commitment to Inclusivity and Accessibility

Accessibility is more than just a hot topic, it’s a cultural focus. The OpusClip caption generator powered by intuitive and innovative AI, lets you add captions for LinkedIn videos to make them more accessible and inclusive for a broader audience, including individuals who have difficulty hearing. Accurate captions ensures your videos comply with today’s accessibility guidelines and ensures that you are providing more inclusive content, which shares your deeper values with a diverse audience. Generating captions is a must-have for businesses and creators who want to demonstrate that they are inclusive and socially responsible.

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Boost Viewer Engagement and SEO

Using OpusClip’s AI-powered tools to add captions for your Linkedin viewers gives you more bang for your buck! When you add captions for LinkedIn, it helps improve viewer experience, but it can also improve the SEO of your video content. Captions will make your video content more searchable, which means it will be more visible and more easily found across all platforms. This can increase user engagement and retention rates so that your online presence is greater and more effective. Our caption generating tool helps maximize your reach and impact in today’s highly competitive digital space.

Grow Your PresenceGrow Your Presence

Streamline Video Editing Efforts

When you add captions for LinkedIn using the caption generator from OpusClip, it makes your video editing process easier and faster, which saves you a lot of time and stress. Our AI-powered tool automates the task of adding captions to videos, so you are free to focus on other aspects of creating such as providing more content for your viewership. Our innovative caption generating technology gives you efficiency without having to compromise on quality. Our tool effortlessly adds captions for LinkedIn videos made from your latest Zoom meetings, webinars, and other long-form videos.

Start Editing Your ClipsStart Editing Your Clips

How to Use OpusClip to Add Captions for Linkedin Videos

Upload Your Video Content

Start by uploading your long form videos to your OpusClip dashboard. You can import videos from different sources or upload them from your computer.This is the first step in getting videos ready to add captions for LinkedIn videos.

Our AI Technology Gets Busy

After your video has been uploaded, OpusClip’s cutting edge AI technology starts working. It will analyze the audio portion of your video and transcribe the words into captions and then sync them with the video.

Fine Tune and Brand Your Captions

Once the audio has been transcribed, you still have time to review it and make any changes needed. This ensures that the captions match perfectly, and yields high-quality final outputs.

Time to Share

Once  the captions are ready, you have a couple of options. You can publish the video directly onto LinkedIn, or you can download it. If you are not ready to share the captioned video, you can use our AutoPost or Scheduling feature for posting on a specific date.

Use Additional OpusClip Tools to Enhance Your LinkedIn Videos

AI Curation

Our advanced AI technology can analyze and highlight key segments from your LinkedIn video and optimize them by generating and adding accurate captions.

AI Virality Score

AI-generated virality scores help you understand the potential reach of your captioned videos, so you know where to put your efforts.

AI Dynamic Layout

Our intuitive AI technology can adjust your video layout to ensure captions are optimally displayed

Active Speaker Detection

OpusClip’s active speaker detection tool keeps the speaker or activity in your videos central, which is important when syncing captions with speakers.

Filler Word Removal

Our filler word removal tool works to clean up captions made for your video’s audio. It improves clarity by removing filler and unnecessary words.

AI B-Roll

Enhance your captioned LinkedIn videos by using our AI tools to add contextually relevant b-rolls to your LinkedIn clips.

Animated Captions

Animating video captions increases audience engagement, which results in longer watch times and better comprehension of video content.

Multi-language Capabilities

OpusClip’s caption generator supports multiple languages, which helps increase the reach of your video and broadens your audience base.

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Got questions?

Do I need technical experience to use OpusClip to add captions for LinkedIn videos?

No! We purposefully designed OpusClip tools to be user-friendly for anyone to add captions easily, from the novice to the expert.

Can I use OpusClip’s tools to add captions for Linkedin for free?

Yes, OpusClip offers a free trial for adding captions to LinkedIn videos. After the free trial, you can continue with the free-forever plan which includes 60 minutes of video processing each month.

Why is OpusClip the best caption adding tool to add captions for LinkedIn Videos?

OpusClip provides an AI-powered process for generating captions so you don’t have to manually transcribe video content. This is simpler, easier, and saves you tons of time. .

What if I want to extend the free trial?

We trained our AI algorithms using extensive datasets to ensure accuracy, even when the video includes complex vocabulary words or various accents.

Do you limit the number of videos that I can add captions to each month?

With the free plan, you get  60 minutes a month to use OpuClip’s software to add captions for LinkedIn videos. Paid plans provide you with more time to use for editing videos and enjoying other features.

Does OpusClip offer editing tools or just captioning?

OpusClip offers numerous beneficial video editing tools that creators find valuable, including AI curation, filler word removal, and dynamic layouts.

Can I add captions for LinkedIn videos in different languages?

Yes,the OpusClip captioning tool supports more than 20 different languages, which makes it easier for you to expand the reach of your video to a global audience..

Which video formats are compatible with the caption generator from OpusClip?

Our Ai-powered caption generator is compatible with the most popular video formats used, which allows it to be used across various content types.