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πŸŽ‰ OpusClip is the Best in Show winner at SXSW Pitch 2024 πŸ₯³ Read more
Introducing OpusClip Pro Plan! Same price, more features, plus 50% more credits πŸŽ‰ Read more
Welcome Social Media Marketers! Sign up and claim your free month of OpusClip Pro here
OpusClip 3.0 is here! AI b-roll generator, create 3-15min clips, viral caption templates & more. Read more
πŸŽ‰ OpusClip is the Best in Show winner at SXSW Pitch 2024 πŸ₯³ Read more
OpusClip Captions

OpusClip Captions

Make your raw short videos more engaging with OpusClip Captions. Our free tool lets you apply dynamic caption styles popularized by some of the world's biggest content creators, straight onto your own videos. Now you can swiftly add captions, turning a time-consuming task into a matter of minutes. Dive into the future of video engagement without delay.

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StreamYard and more.

Currently, we support videos in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and other 20 more languages.

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Why use OpusClip Captions for your short video captioning?

Captions can give your short videos the engagement edge they need to find success with social media algorithms. What makes OpusClip Captions the right tool to leverage?

Stylish Captions Made for Engagement

OpusClip Captions lets you easily adopt engaging caption styles used by top content creators, ensuring your videos are as compelling as they are accessible.

Get Captions Back Fast

Get your captions in minutes, not hours. OpusClip Captions streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on creativity rather than captioning.


Save Money on Your Captioning

With our tool, you can apply captions to up to 3 videos per day, completely free of charge.


Popular Caption Styles

OpusClip Captions brings you the latest in captioning style, directly inspired by the most popular content creators. This tool allows you to enhance your videos with captions that are not only readable but also stylish and engaging, making your content stand out.


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Caption with Speed and Efficiency

Forget about the long hours usually spent on captioning. With OpusClip Captions, your videos can be captioned in just minutes. This efficiency means you can spend more time creating and less time on tedious tasks, all while maintaining the professional quality of your content.

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The Best Free Tool for Adding Captions

OpusClip believes in empowering creators without the barrier of cost. OpusClip Captions is free for up to 3 videos per day, offering you the advanced features of a premium captioning tool without the price tag. This commitment ensures that high-quality video content is accessible to creators on any budget!


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How to Use OpusClip Captions

Upload Your Short Video

Begin by importing your video into OpusClip Captions. Our tool's compatibility with various video formats will guarantee you a hassle-free start.

Our AI Captioning Begins

Upon uploading, our AI immediately gets to work, analyzing your video's audio to generate precise captions, minimizing any effort on your end!


Edit Your Captions

After caption generation, you have the option to sign up for the OpusClip main product to re-caption your video and make any edits. Inside of the OpusClip main product, you can apply custom styles to your captions, add B-Roll, and more.


Share Your Enhanced Video

With captions ready, you can download your HD video for free.


Examples of Captioned-Shorts made with OpusClip

See some of the popular videos using captions applied by OpusClip.


Go Beyond Just Captions with OpusClip's Other Features

AI-Powered Curation

Streamline your editing process as our AI identifies and highlights the most engaging parts of your videos.


Viral Potential Analysis

Viral Potential Analysis: Gain insights with our AI's virality score, helping you pinpoint content with the most engagement potential.


AI B-Roll Addition

Automatically add relevant B-roll to your videos, enriching your narrative and visual appeal.


Animated Captions

Boost viewer retention with engaging, animated captions.


Custom Clip Selection

Enjoy granular control over your content with the ability to select and edit your videos with our text editing interface.


Auto Speaker Detection

Keep your audience's attention on the right spot with active speaker detection.


Multi-Language Support
Dynamic Video Layouts

Our AI optimizes your video layout for maximum viewer engagement, ensuring your content always looks its best.


What creators are saying

"Before, I spent a lot of money and time taking my long video and cutting it, adding subtitles and animations, and everything. But with OpusClip, it's easy and it's quick. OpusClip allows me to focus in one place, cutting expenses by about $1000 per month and regaining at least 10 hours per week."


Karl R.
Public Speaker

"OpusClip takes the YouTube links of my podcast recordings and breaks them out into clips with captions that I can pump out on social media. So for all those wondering how I'm putting out 3-5 clips a day, it's OpusClip. The engagement to my website and podcast is up 400%. I'm seeing numbers I didn't think were possible."


Joshua W.

"My friend and I used to spend hours dissecting our podcast episodes for clips. It gives us a score for the clips, allows us to select the clip duration, adds captions and colors, and even add emojis if you want. OpusClip has been amazing for time management and saving. I'm thrilled to work with OpusClip and will continue using it."

Sami D.

Got questions?

How quickly can I caption my videos with OpusClip Captions?

With OpusClip Captions, you can caption your videos in just minutes, thanks to our AI-powered technology that streamlines the process.


Is OpusClip Captions really free to use?

Yes, OpusClip Captions is free, allowing you to enhance your videos with captions without any cost. You can caption up to 3 videos per day.


Can OpusClip Captions handle videos in different languages?

Absolutely, OpusClip Captions supports multiple languages, making your content accessible to a global audience.


In the OpusClip main product, what happens after the 7-day free trial on the Pro Plan ends?

After the free trial, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan or continue with our free-forever plan that includes 60 minutes of video processing time monthly.


Does OpusClip Captions offer any advanced features for video editing?

OpusClip's main includes features like AI Curation and Virality Score Analysis to help you create more engaging content.


Can I edit the captions OpusClip generates?

Yes, if you create a free account on OpusClip you have full control to review and edit the captions to ensure they perfectly match your video content.


Are there any limitations on the video quality with OpusClip Captions?

OpusClip Captions supports free 1080p resolution to ensure your videos maintain high quality.


How does OpusClip Captions improve my video's SEO?

By adding captions, you make your video more searchable and accessible, enhancing its visibility and engagement.