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OpusClip 3.0 is here! AI b-roll generator, create 3-15min clips, viral caption templates & more. Read more
🎉 OpusClip is the Best in Show winner at SXSW Pitch 2024 🥳 Read more
Introducing OpusClip Pro Plan! Same price, more features, plus 50% more credits 🎉 Read more
Welcome Social Media Marketers! Sign up and claim your free month of OpusClip Pro here
OpusClip 3.0 is here! AI b-roll generator, create 3-15min clips, viral caption templates & more. Read more
🎉 OpusClip is the Best in Show winner at SXSW Pitch 2024 🥳 Read more
Video Repurposing Tool

Video Repurposing Tool

Maximize your digital content's impact without stretching your resources thin with OpusClip’s Video Repurposing tool. This innovative platform revolutionizes the way you repurpose videos, effortlessly transforming singular pieces into multiple formats tailored to captivate audiences across various platforms. Whether you're looking to craft engaging bite-sized clips for social media or condense lengthy presentations for webinars, OpusClip simplifies the process, making content adaptation not just easy but also efficient. Explore the possibilities with OpusClip to elevate your content strategy and connect with your audience on a whole new level.

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Currently, we support videos in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and other 20 more languages.

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Why Use OpusClip’s Video Repurposing Tool?

With countless video repurposing tools out there, why is OpusClip's tool the standout choice for content creators?

Tailored Video Clips

Our cutting-edge video repurposing tool technology analyzes your video content to suggest optimizations for various platforms. Whether it’s vertical videos for Instagram or longer formats for YouTube, OpusClip ensures your content is always in its best form, ready to captivate your audience on any channel.

Clip Videos with Maximum Efficiency

With OpusClip’s Video Repurposing tool, turn a single video into dozens of assets in minutes, not hours. Our tool’s intuitive interface and smart automation features streamline the repurposing process, allowing you to publish across platforms quickly without compromising on quality.

Maximize Your Content’s Reach

With OpusClip’s Video Repurposing tool, effortlessly tailor and distribute your videos across various platforms. Our tool understands the nuances of each social media channel, ensuring your content adapts perfectly, increasing visibility and engagement.

Refresh Your Content, Engage Your Audience

OpusClip makes rejuvenating your video content a breeze, allowing you to repurpose and invigorate videos to keep your audience engaged with fresh perspectives. Whether converting a lengthy webinar into concise tutorials or a detailed interview into compelling highlights, OpusClip ensures your content stays captivating and relevant over time. This tool is a game-changer for content creators seeking to breathe new life into their existing video library, offering an efficient way to maintain audience interest. With OpusClip’s Video Repurposing Tool, transforming your videos to meet evolving viewer preferences has never been simpler or more effective.

Repurpose Your Videos NowRepurpose Your Videos Now

Use Short Clips to Step Up Your SEO Game

Elevate and strengthen your brand's digital footprint with OpusClip, a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize your online presence. By leveraging the immense power of video content, you can significantly enhance your SEO strategy and make a lasting impact on your target audience. Videos are not just a trend but a vital component in modern digital marketing, playing a crucial role in boosting user engagement, extending dwell time on your platform, and ultimately generating more clicks - a trifecta that search engines highly value. This strategic initiative not only propels your search result positions to new heights but also drives organic traffic to your website, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge in today's dynamic digital landscape.

Enhance New SEO GainsEnhance New SEO Gains

Repurpose Videos to Spread Your Message Farther

Unlock your content's full potential with OpusClip's video repurposing tool. By converting one piece of content into multiple formats, you broaden its reach across various platforms. Transform a blog post into a compelling video or a podcast episode into an engaging infographic. We guarantee your valuable insights will reach a broader audience like never before, capturing more attention and engagement. With OpusClip, maximize the impact of your content effortlessly and effectively. Experience the power of transforming ideas into versatile formats, connecting with audiences on a deeper level and expanding your content's influence in the digital space.

Start Expanding Your AudienceStart Expanding Your Audience

How to Use OpusClip's Video Repurposing Tool

Upload Your Video

Begin by submitting your original video content. Simply drag and drop your file into our platform to get started.

AI-Powered Magic

Once uploaded, our advanced AI technology gets to work, analyzing and segmenting your video into potential clips, performing the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Personalize Your Content

After the AI has prepared your clips, jump into the editor to make any necessary tweaks. Add your unique touch by trimming, adding captions, or inserting transitions to ensure your clips stand out.

Share Your Masterpiece

With your clips polished and ready, choose to directly download them or publish them to your favorite social media platforms via OpusClip.

More Features Built To Meet Your Video Repurposing Needs

Effortless Editing

Edit and refine your video clips with user-friendly controls, ensuring your content is sharp and concise.

HD Quality

Ensure your clips are exported in high definition, enhancing the visual appeal for a standout viewing experience.

Custom Branding

Elevate the professional appearance of your videos by smoothly integrating your logo and brand colors into each clip.

Automatic Subtitles

To enhance video accessibility and understanding, consider automatically adding subtitles. This can elevate viewer engagement significantly.

Fast Conversion

Effortlessly transform videos into captivating clips, ideal for sharing your top moments on social media platforms.

Versatile Formats

Effortlessly export your video clips in various formats tailored for different social media platforms, ensuring seamless sharing across channels.

Easy Sharing

Share your crafted clips directly on LinkedIn or other platforms to expand your reach effortlessly.

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Got questions?

Can I customize my clip results with OpusClip?

OpusClip provides customization features such as choosing particular timeframes and segments based on keywords in videos, granting you creative authority over your video content.

Can I edit captions after they are generated?

Certainly! You have full authority to review and modify the captions to ensure they accurately represent the content and style of your video.

How long is the free trial for new OpusClip users?

New users have the opportunity to enjoy a 7-day complimentary trial of the Pro Plan, offering 90 minutes of video processing time with no credit card required.

Can I use OpusClip to add captions in multiple languages?

Yes, OpusClip supports captioning in over 20 languages, making it easy to expand your video's reach to a global audience.

Does OpusClip’s Video Repurposing Tool offer support for beginners?

Yes, OpusClip’s Video Repurposing Tool provides user-friendly interfaces and customer support. For Pro Plan users, there's even live chat support to help you get the most out of your video repurposing experience.

Is there a limit to how many clips I can create with OpusClip’s Video Repurposing Tool?

The number of videos you can caption depends on your chosen plan. The free plan offers 60 minutes of video processing time per month, while paid plans offer more.

How does OpusClip ensure the accuracy of captions?

Our AI algorithms undergo training on extensive datasets to ensure superior accuracy in caption generation, even when dealing with complex vocabulary or accents.

Can I use Video Repurposing Tool for commercial purposes?

You are welcome to utilize it for commercial use to enhance accessibility and engagement of your professional content.