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Adopting AI-Driven "Text to Image"​ to Make Your Show More Engaging and Intelligent

Have you ever thought about creating digital arts simply by describing what you want to create? Do you want to experiment with this exciting AI technology as a new way of engagement, storytelling, and monetization for your live streaming?

C. Meagan Michael, a spiritual live streamers who goes live every week for psychic reading, healing and energy clearing, recently adopted Canva's latest "Text to Image" feature in her live shows, where she shows spiritual images generated by Canva from a description, and offers reading based on the images.

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"Text to Image" is an AI technology with tons of buzz, and the undisputed frontrunner in this field is OpenAI, one of the world's most ambitious artificial intelligence labs that created DALL-E 2, an AI system that lets you create digital images simply by describing what you want to see. This technology is achieved by scraping millions of images from the open web, then teaching algorithms to recognize patterns and relationships in those images and generate new ones in the same style.

You can use DALL-E 2 to generate amazing images. For instance, if you want to create a show with a distinctively futuristic and mysterious vibe, you can type "A bowl of soup that is a portal to another dimension as digital art", and voila, you have a great piece of art that is well-suited to decorate your studio.

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Experimenting with “Text to Image" is great for live streaming creators in several ways:

  • It enables creators to produce visually pleasing and on-brand works of art to decorate their studio with minimal effort. Not all creators are well-versed in art creation, but everyone wants to decorate their studio with great visual elements. By democratizing art making, "Text to Image" turns every live streaming creator into digital artist who can easily create images that fit their style and branding.
  • It gives creators a new way to interact with their audience, making the show even more fun and engaging. Creators can ask their audience to give some keywords/phrases and turn them into images, and commentate on the AI generated images together with their audience, making the show a real-time documentation of all the fun streamers and audience have in this live journey.
  • When used smartly, it can be a great source of monetization for live streamers. Take C. Meagan as an example, as a professional psychic reader, she offers spiritual AI art reading based on the image generated from the description that an audience provides. By combining her expertise with this AI technology, she puts her own spin into spiritual reading and makes it more creative and vivid.
  • You will have the first-mover advantage by adopting a budding technology that is purely magical in what it's capable of conjuring. In today's battle for attention, getting the hang of a new technology and using it creatively will help you make a huge splash. Consider that not so many live streamers have used "Text to Image" to do anything creative in their show, this is a great opportunity for you to hook your audience with a nice (and intelligent) surprise.

So, the next time when you prepare your live show, try utilizing the AI-driven “Text to Image“ technology to create more wow effects to your show!

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