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Running Out of Live Streaming Ideas? Get Some Help From a Super Powerful AI (And It’s Free)!

As live streaming creators, we all have times when we are struggling to find a good idea to create an engaging live show regardless of how hard we try. When this happens, why not get some help from AI?

OpenAI, argubly the world's most famous AI research and deployment company with a mission to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity, launched ChatGPT, an AI chatbox that has taken the internet by storm. For now ChatGPT seems to be scarily good at conducting conversations on a plethora of topics, from generating creative ideas, rewriting literary classics in new styles, to writing codes, tweets, producing performance reviews of their colleagues, etc.

We at Opus gave it a try and talked with ChatGPT about live streaming. And here are parts of our conversation:

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Our verdict? The answers are indeed very good in general, even though sometimes they can get a bit verbose and mundane. We encourage every live streaming creator to try it out, and use this as an additional AI-powered source for inspiration! You can start a conversation now at

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