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Livestreaming Creator Showcase | Use Magic Memes to Create More Magical and Fun Moments With Dupé Aleru

The world's appetite for memes is at its all-time high. Memes allow us to express thoughts and emotions in a visual, fun, concise, and familiar format. As a live streaming content creator, it's high time that you use memes as another language that you speak during your show, to show your personality, express your thoughts more vividly, and offer more fun and surprise to your community.

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As an entrepreneur, award-winning motivational speaker, life coach, author, and live streaming creator, Dupé Aleru runs a popular YouTube channel boasting 16,000+ subscribers. Dupe uploads regular 5-10 minute videos to YouTube and engages her community in her private channel, but it's her daily live streams where things really come alive - every morning from Monday to Thursday, people from across the United States tune in to watch Dupe give motivational talks to kickstart a good day.

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Dupé focuses a lot on producing engaging and practical content to her community, and she is constantly finding ways to think outside of the box and create better live streams. To give her community some well-deserved surprise and fun, Dupé turns to Opus' Magic Memes feature for some AI-powered help. She sets some trigger words beforehand, and during the live show, when she mentions those words, corresponding memes will automatically show up on screen. The end result is nothing short of magic:

  • It adds LOTS OF FUN. Dupé cracked up several times when memes showed up on screen, and her genuine laughter, along with all the fun and surprise from the memes, immediately quickened the engagement pulse - Many audiences quickly sent positive comments in the chat box, and some of her community members even DMed her about how much of a pleasant surprise the Magic Memes had brought them.
  • It is a NEW/MORE FUN way to acknowledge your audience. When Dupé was talking about self-affirmation during her morning show, her fan Conor recommended to her the daily affirmation app I AM. To express her gratitude, Dupé not only verbally shouted out to Conor with a huge "thank you", her words automatically triggered Drew Barrymore's thank-you meme, and she brought the fun meme to screen as a bigger way to acknowledge her audience (22:06).
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