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We help creators turn live streams into growth engine,  so that they can turn their passion into profit.

We are a team of AI magicians and trailblazing innovators who believe that the creator economy will occupy more than 5% of global GDP in less than a decade.
However, in this booming creator economy, live-streaming is woefully under-valued and under-appreciated.

Having seen trillions of dollars generated by live-streaming creators from various categories in China, we want to unlock the potential of live streaming creators worldwide and empower them to earn what they deserve.
By leveraging both artificial and human intelligence, we are here to help democratize the creation of live content and turn it into various formats that can be distributed and monetized in as many ways as possible.
Founded in early 2022 by serial entrepreneurs and veterans from TikTok, LinkedIn and Meta, Opus is backed by top investors globally including Sequoia, Lightspeed, DCM, HillHouse, Sky9 and ZhenFund.
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