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🎉 OpusClip is the Best in Show winner at SXSW Pitch 2024 🥳 Read more
Introducing OpusClip Pro Plan! Same price, more features, plus 50% more credits 🎉 Read more
Welcome Social Media Marketers! Sign up and claim your free month of OpusClip Pro here
OpusClip 3.0 is here! AI b-roll generator, create 3-15min clips, viral caption templates & more. Read more
🎉 OpusClip is the Best in Show winner at SXSW Pitch 2024 🥳 Read more
Free Captions Tool

Free Captions Tool

Captivate your audience and hold their attention with our Free Captions Tool, designed to make your videos more engaging and attention-grabbing. By adding dynamic captions, you can significantly increase viewer retention and interaction, making your content stand out in a crowded digital space. Dive into the world of enhanced video engagement today.

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Currently, we support videos in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and other 20 more languages.

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Maximize Your Engagement with OpusClip's Free Captions Tool

Why choose OpusClip for your captioning needs? In today's content-saturated digital ecosystem, standing out and keeping your audience engaged is more crucial than ever. OpusClip's Free Captions Tool is designed to elevate your video content by making it not only more accessible but also significantly more engaging.

Instant Engagement Boost

OpusClip's advanced AI technology ensures your captions are not just accurate but also tailored to boost viewer engagement, making every video captivating from start to finish.

Seamless Video Enhancement

With OpusClip, adding captions is a breeze, seamlessly integrating into your videos to enhance viewer understanding and retention, without the need for any technical expertise.

Broad Audience Reach

This tool doesn't just add captions; it opens your content up to a wider, global audience, including non-native speakers and those in sound-sensitive environments.

Faster, Automatic Captioning with AI

Speed up your video production with OpusClip's Free Captions Tool, leveraging AI to add captions swiftly without compromising on accuracy. This tool transforms hours of manual transcription into minutes of automated efficiency, letting you focus on creativity and content quality. It's designed to meet the fast-paced demands of video content creators, ensuring that your workflow is uninterrupted and your content is ready to publish faster than ever before.

Add Captions FasterAdd Captions Faster

Stylish Captions for Every Video

Enhance your videos with a variety of stylish caption styles available through OpusClip. From sleek and professional to bold and playful, ensure your captions match your video's tone and branding, making your content stand out. This feature allows for a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality, providing you with the tools to make your videos visually appealing while maintaining viewer engagement through clear and readable text.

Try Caption StylesTry Caption Styles

Effortless Captioning Experience

OpusClip simplifies the captioning process, employing AI to understand and transcribe speech accurately. This hands-off approach allows content creators to add captions to videos effortlessly, ensuring accessibility and engagement without the technical hassle. The AI-powered tool adapts to various accents and dialects, ensuring high accuracy across different languages and making your content universally understandable.

Start CaptioningStart Captioning

How OpusClip's Free Captions Tool Works

Import Your Video

Upload your video to OpusClip easily, whether it's from your device or cloud storage, preparing it for captioning.

Our AI Starts Working

The AI analyzes your video's audio, automatically generating accurate captions that capture your content's essence.

Review and Edit

You have the option to review the AI-generated captions, making any edits to ensure they perfectly match your video's message.

Publish or Download

Finally, with your captions ready, choose to directly publish your video on social platforms or download it for use anywhere, making your content accessible to a broader audience.

See the Results From Our Free Captions Tool

Discover how others have transformed their videos with OpusClip Captions.

Enhance Your Videos Further with OpusClip's Advanced Features

AI-Chosen Clips

Dive deeper into your content, as our AI pinpoints and highlights the most impactful moments, ensuring your message is loud and clear.

Engaging Visual Storytelling

Automatically integrate contextually relevant B-roll footage to enrich your narrative, making every video a visual delight.

Captivating Caption Animations

Bring your captions to life with animations that keep viewers watching.

Spot-On Speaker Focus

Keep your audience engaged with active speaker detection that centers attention where it's needed.

Dynamic Layout Adjustment

Our AI optimizes your video layout, ensuring captions complement your content perfectly without overshadowing your message.

Seamless Content Trimming

Fine-tune your video's length with easy clip adjustments, ensuring your content is concise and to the point.

Multi-Language Accessibility

Reach a global audience with support for over 20 languages, breaking down language barriers with ease.

Crystal-Clear Quality

Deliver your message with unmatched clarity, thanks to free 1080p resolution, making every detail stand out.

What creators are saying

OpusClip lets us produce high-quality content without learning a new skill, particularly with the graphic overlays, captions, and emoji pop-ups. All we do is load up a video and let it go to work. It has allowed us to scale our content output which has skyrocketed our engagements on Youtube and TikTok and our organic traffic to our websites.  This unexpected extra level of quality makes us very happy with the service.

Channing G.
Business Owner

"I use OpusClip to cut up my podcast episodes, put captions on them, and share them on social media. The time it saves me is nothing short of phenomenal, I gain almost a whole day of work time back. This lets me focus on my business, work with clients, have meaningful conversations, and feel the benefits of my business moving forward."

Ash P.
Content Creator and Mindset Coach

"As a creator, I spend hours editing, juggling YouTube shorts and long format content. I felt lost until I found OpusClip, an AI that creates short clips from long videos in one click. It handles captions and editing, allowing me to focus on what I love."

Matt G.
Documentary Creator

Got questions?

Why is OpusClip's Free Captions Tool unique?

OpusClip combines AI-driven accuracy with user simplicity, making video captioning both accessible and efficient for all users.

How do I start with the free trial?

New users get a 7-day free trial on the Pro Plan without needing a credit card, allowing full access to the captioning tool.

Can the tool caption videos in multiple languages?

Yes, the tool supports captioning in over 20 languages, broadening your video's audience reach.

What happens after the free trial?

Post-trial, users can upgrade for more features or stick with the free plan that offers monthly video processing time.

How does video captioning improve SEO on social media apps?

Adding captions enhances your video's discoverability online and in social platforms by making it searchable through text.

Is technical knowledge required to use the tool?

No, the tool is designed for ease of use, requiring no prior video editing experience.

What other features does OpusClip offer?

Beyond captioning, OpusClip includes features like AI curation and dynamic layout adjustments to enhance video content.

Is there a video captioning limit with OpusClip?

The number of videos you can caption depends on your plan, with the free plan offering set monthly processing time.