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🎉 OpusClip is the Best in Show winner at SXSW Pitch 2024 🥳 Read more
Introducing OpusClip Pro Plan! Same price, more features, plus 50% more credits 🎉 Read more
Welcome Social Media Marketers! Sign up and claim your free month of OpusClip Pro here
OpusClip 3.0 is here! AI b-roll generator, create 3-15min clips, viral caption templates & more. Read more
🎉 OpusClip is the Best in Show winner at SXSW Pitch 2024 🥳 Read more
Linkedin Video Maker

Linkedin Video Maker

Transform your professional profile with our Linkedin video maker. Built to meet LinkedIn's unique requirements, our tool ensures your videos stand out, captivating your audience's attention and hearts. With "Auto-post to LinkedIn," you can easily keep your profile active and engaging, facilitating seamless connection with your network.

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Currently, we support videos in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and other 20 more languages.

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Why Use OpusClip’s Linkedin Video Maker

Among all the various Linkedin video maker options, OpusClip stands out. But why choose OpusClip for your Linkedin Video Making needs?

Tailored Dimensions

Our Linkedin video maker ends the guesswork and endless editing hassle! The smart auto-cropping feature effortlessly adjusts your videos to perfectly fit LinkedIn's required dimensions. With OpusClip, each video appears tailor-made for LinkedIn's platform – because it truly is.

Auto-Post Convenience

OpusClip's 'Auto-post to LinkedIn' feature simplifies your workflow by directly publishing your new videos, allowing you to focus on creating content rather than managing schedules. With OpusClip's Linkedin video maker, you can avoid manual uploads and smoothly post hassle-free.

Feature-Rich Editor

Whether you’re looking to add captions, incorporate brand logos, or weave in a narrative with immersive transitions, our Linkedin video maker is equipped to bring your vision to life. With OpusClip, you make each video a clear reflection of your brand's values and story.

Perfect Fit for LinkedIn

Auto-cropping for the perfect view! Our smart auto-cropping tool effortlessly adjusts your videos to fit LinkedIn's unique dimensions, ensuring your content is always looking its best and performing even better.

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Seamless Posting

One click is all it takes to share your story! With OpusClip's "Auto-post to LinkedIn" feature, you can save time and stay active online by automatically posting your professional videos directly from the platform.

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Engaging Content Creation

Transform your message into magnetic content! OpusClip empowers you to create eye-catching videos that capture attention and drive engagement. Our Linkedin video maker is sure to help you stand out in a crowded feed and turn views into value.

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How to Use OpusClip's AI Linkedin Video Maker

Step 1: Submit Your Video

Start by uploading your video, and you're off to a great start! Our AI tool takes care of the rest, preparing your content for LinkedIn.

Step 2: Our AI-Powered Tool Gets to Work

Afterwards, our AI diligently crafts your clips, ensuring they're polished to fit your needs.

Step 3: Once your clips are prepared, you can customize them further as required.

Your clips are all set for your personal touch! Feel free to tweak them as you like to give that extra flair—your brand's voice will definitely come through!

Step 4: Download your finished clips or directly share them on social media platforms using OpusClip.

Finally, download seamlessly to impress your audience or auto-post directly to LinkedIn to enhance your professional profile like a pro.

Powerful Features Built for Linkedin Video Makers

Easy Auto-Cropping

Auto-adjust your videos to fit LinkedIn's required dimensions, ensuring picture-perfect posts every time.

Seamless Auto-Posting

From creation to posting, streamline your workflow with our Auto-post to LinkedIn feature.

Dynamic Templates

Choose from a variety of customizable templates that resonate with your professional audience.

Brand Integration

Infuse your videos with your brand's signature look and feel, making every creation uniquely yours.

Intuitive Editing Suite

Edit like a pro with user-friendly tools that make precision cuts and enhancements a breeze.

Royalty-Free Media

Choose from a vast library of royalty-free stock images, and music (coming soon), to amplify your message.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate with colleagues in your Team account to produce impactful LinkedIn videos that captivate.

Analytics Insight

Gain valuable insights with analytics that help you measure impact and refine your strategy.

What creators are saying

"I've revolutionized the way I create content for my personal brand and how my clients create content. With OpusClip, we enhance the quality and quantity of production value in short-form content. Not only have I benefited, but so have my clients and future users of OpusClip. It's a game changer, and I highly recommend OpusClip to content creators, business owners, and anyone looking to revolutionize their short-form content creation."

Matt M
Marketing Agency Owner and Content Creator

We've built TikTok accounts with clips that have garnered millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers, all thanks to OpusClip.

Asad R.
TikTok Creator

"I consider OpusClip to be the third member of my team. It has been crucial in helping me provide my clients with not only macro content but also specific micro content. This content helps make their voices heard, reach out to their customers effectively, and enhance their product."

Jason W.
Podcast Studio Owner

Got questions?

Can I use OpusClip to add captions in multiple languages?

Yes, OpusClip offers captioning in more than 20 languages, simplifying the process of broadening your video's reach to a worldwide audience.

What happens when my free trial ends?

After the trial, you have the option to either upgrade to a paid plan for additional features or stick with the free plan, which provides 60 minutes of video processing time per month.

How easy is it to use the Linkedin Video Maker?

OpusClip Linkedin Video Maker is designed for ease of use, allowing you to create Linkedin videos with just a few clicks, thanks to its intuitive AI-driven interface.

Is the LinkedIn Video Maker easy to use for those not tech-savvy?

Absolutely! We’ve designed our tool with a user-friendly interface that's as straightforward as having a chat with an old friend. Just upload your video, and we take care of the technical magic.

What kind of editing features does OpusClip offer?
How does OpusClip support Linkedin Video Makers?
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Can I post videos directly to LinkedIn with this tool?