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Introducing OpusClip Pro Plan! Same price, more features, plus 50% more credits 🎉 Read more
Welcome Social Media Marketers! Sign up and claim your free month of OpusClip Pro here
OpusClip 3.0 is here! AI b-roll generator, create 3-15min clips, viral caption templates & more. Read more
TikTok Clip Maker

TikTok Clip Maker

Embrace the wave of short-form video with TikTok Clip Maker by OpusClip. Transform your longer content into engaging, shareable TikTok clips effortlessly. Our AI-driven tool simplifies the process, ensuring your videos capture attention and resonate with TikTok's dynamic audience. Start enhancing your digital presence and engaging more viewers today with captivating TikTok content.

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Currently, we support videos in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and other 20 more languages.

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Why Use OpusClip's TikTok Clip Maker

In the dynamic world of TikTok content creation, OpusClip's TikTok clipmaking tool stands out as a uniquely powerful tool. But why choose our platform for your TikTok content needs?

AI-Driven Content Optimization

OpusClip’s TikTok Clip Maker harnesses advanced AI to analyze and optimize video content for TikTok’s unique audience. By analyzing trends and user engagement, it ensures your TikTok videos are not only creative but also algorithm-friendly, enhancing visibility and engagement.

Time-Efficient Video Editing

Time is precious in content creation. OpusClip's tool streamlines the video editing process, transforming long videos into TikTok-ready clips swiftly. This efficiency means more content in less time, vital for maintaining a consistent presence on the fast-paced platform.

Simplified User Experience

With OpusClip's TikTok Clip Maker, the complexity of video editing is a thing of the past. Designed for both beginners and seasoned creators, the tool offers an intuitive interface that simplifies the creation process, making high-quality TikTok content accessible to all.

Transform Videos into Trending TikTok Content with Ease

OpusClip's TikTok Clip Maker revolutionizes the way you create content for TikTok. With its cutting-edge AI technology, it simplifies the process of transforming longer videos into engaging, bite-sized TikTok clips. This tool intelligently identifies the most captivating segments of your videos, ensuring that each TikTok clip captures the essence of your message. Whether you're a seasoned creator or new to TikTok, OpusClip makes content creation effortless, enabling you to focus on creativity without the hassle of manual editing.

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Maximize Viewer Engagement with AI Analytics

Utilizing the power of AI, OpusClip not only helps in creating captivating clips but also provides valuable insights into viewer engagement. The tool's AI Virality Score predicts the potential popularity of your clips, guiding you to create content that resonates with your audience. By understanding what captures the attention of viewers, you can tailor your TikTok content to maximize engagement, leading to increased followers and greater impact on the platform.

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Full Creative Flexibility for Your TikTok Clips

OpusClip offers you unparalleled creative control over your TikTok content. With features like dynamic layouts, active speaker detection, and the ability to add B-rolls, you can customize each clip to your exact specifications. This flexibility ensures that your TikTok clips are not just engaging but also uniquely representative of your personal or brand style. Whether you're creating educational content, promoting a product, or sharing a personal story, OpusClip empowers you to craft TikTok clips that truly stand out.

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How to Use TikTok Clip Maker by OpusClip

Begin by Uploading Your Content

Start by importing your existing video into TikTok Clip Maker. This tool is versatile, allowing uploads from various sources like YouTube, Zoom, or your device. Just select your video file, and you’re ready for the next step.

Experience the Power of AI

After uploading, the AI takes over. It analyzes your video, identifying the most engaging segments perfect for TikTok’s short-form style. This process includes detecting key moments, evaluating virality potential, and selecting the best snippets for your audience.

Customize Your TikTok Clip

Now, review the AI-selected clips. You have the freedom to make edits, ensuring your content aligns with your vision. Adjust lengths, add captions, or remove filler words. OpusClip provides a range of editing tools to fine-tune your TikTok Clip.

Share Your Creation

Finally, publish your clip directly to TikTok or download it for later use. With our TikTok Clip Maker, sharing your content is seamless, enhancing your social media presence with minimal effort and maximum impact.

Popular Clips Made with Our TikTok Clip Maker

Discover some of the engaging TikToks that our product has made for various creators.

Other Powerful Tools to Help You Create and Grow on TikTok

AI Curation

Our AI identifies compelling segments from your video, creating engaging TikTok clips.

AI Virality Score

This feature predicts the viral potential of your clips, leveraging AI analysis of trending TikTok content.

AI B-roll

Enhance your TikTok clips with relevant b-rolls, adding visual appeal and depth to your stories.

Active Speaker Detection

Keeps the focus on the speaker, crucial for TikTok videos where engagement depends on speaker visibility.

Trim & Extend Clips

Perfect your TikTok content by easily adjusting clip lengths to fit your narrative.

Multi-language Support

Create TikTok content in multiple languages, broadening your global reach and audience engagement.

AI Dynamic Layout

The feature automatically optimizes your video layout for TikTok, ensuring your content stands out.

Caption Animation

Engaging caption animations for TikTok clips, increasing viewer retention and enhance message delivery.

What creators are saying

We've built TikTok accounts with clips that have garnered millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers, all thanks to OpusClip.

Asad R.
TikTok Creator

OpusClip lets us produce high-quality content without learning a new skill, particularly with the graphic overlays, captions, and emoji pop-ups. All we do is load up a video and let it go to work. It has allowed us to scale our content output which has skyrocketed our engagements on Youtube and TikTok and our organic traffic to our websites.  This unexpected extra level of quality makes us very happy with the service.

Channing G.
Business Owner

I want to thank OpusClip for making everything so much easier. It's saving me hours. I don't have to manually create shorts for YouTube and TikTok anymore.

Walter N.
Content Creator

Got questions?

Is TikTok Clip Maker Free?

Yes, OpusClip offers a free version of TikTok Clip Maker with 60 minutes of video processing time refreshed monthly. Ideal for new content creators.

What is the 7-Day Free Trial for New Users?

New OpusClip users enjoy a 7-day free trial of the Pro Plan, offering 90 minutes of video processing (~30 downloadable clips), with no credit card required.

How Does This Tool Enhance Content for TikTok?

The tool leverages AI to curate engaging clips, perfect for TikTok's fast-paced, visually-driven environment, making content creation seamless and effective.

Can I Process High-Resolution Videos for TikTok?

Absolutely! TikTok Clip Maker supports 1080p resolution, ensuring your TikTok videos are of the highest quality.

How Does AI Virality Score Help in TikTok Video Creation?

The AI Virality Score assesses each clip's potential to go viral on TikTok, helping creators prioritize content with higher engagement possibilities.

Can I Use the TikTok Clip Maker in Different Languages?

Yes, TikTok Clip Maker supports multiple languages, making it a versatile tool for global TikTok creators.

What Happens After the Free Trial Ends?

Post-trial, you can upgrade to a paid plan or continue using the free-forever plan with limited features and processing time.

Can I Trim and Extend Clips Easily for TikTok?

Yes, the tool allows for easy trimming and extending of clips, ensuring your TikTok videos perfectly align with your creative vision.